Our Peering Partners

Peer NameASNSpeedPolicyPolicyIPv6
CentralNic Anycast A 1993301GNo206.71.15.152001:504:93:0:206:71:15:15
CentralNic Anycast B608901GNo206.71.15.162001:504:93:0:206:71:15:16
BVIX Route Server 13934301GOpen206.71.15.2522001:504:93:0:206:71:15:252
BVIX Route Server 23934301GOpen206.71.15.2512001:504:93:0:206:71:15:251
BVIX Services146941GOpen206.71.15.2542001:504:93:0:206:71:15:254
PCH AS3856385610GOpen206.71.15.4
PCH AS424210GOpen206.71.15.3

About Us

BVIX membership is open to any legal party that has its own Autonomous System Number (ASN), which implies that the corresponding network commits itself to deploy alternative routes to interconnect with other networks. Decisions with regard to routes, capacity and redundancy are the sole responsibility of the network owners, and bilateral efforts between these ASN’s are required to exchange traffic and establish peering between networks.

The Route Server (RS) is a network service that simplifies peering between BVIX participants and allows them to reduce the number of individually administered peering sessions.

The RS retransmits BGP announcements between the connected participants, thus peering with the RS means establishing peering relations with all the other BVIX participants connected to the RS.

Available on the common peering VLAN, the RS operates over IPv4 and IPv6 and supports 16bit and 32bit AS numbers. The RS hardware consists of two redundant servers.

BVIX provides a not-for-profit, neutral and independent structure. The grounding principle of our Internet exchange is delivering packets 24×7, always and without fail in a professional and reliable manner.